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5 car brands with the most reliable engines

audiounderbung / Getty Images/iStockphoto

audiounderbung / Getty Images/iStockphoto

It can be argued that tires are the four most important safety and performance features of a car, but all basic components are equally essential. If one of them breaks down, the vehicle becomes unusable and costs you money.

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However, the engine is the heart of your car and the performance of any moving object is highly dependent on its heart. The speed and power are impressive, but Americans are driving their cars longer and longer and want cars with engines that won’t let them down or require annoying and expensive repairs.

Some brands are known not only for the reliability of their cars, but also for their engines.

Here are five car brands that have the most reliable engines:

5. Ford

It’s become second nature to say that the most reliable cars on the market come from Japan and, to a lesser extent, South Korea. That may be true, but American brands know how to build advanced, efficient, high-performance engines that last a long time.

Ford has a long history with engines. In fact, Henry Ford’s first invention was the engine, which he eventually used to power his first car. Throughout its history, Ford engines have been synonymous with performance, reliability and longevity, often exceeding their owners’ mileage predictions. Ford’s tenacious 5.0 Coyote V8 and 3.5 V6 EcoBoost engines are paving the way for new engine technology for internal combustion vehicles, hybrids and electric generation.

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Owning many distinct automakers over the years – including Buick, Cadillac and Lotus today and Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn in the past – General Motors has built countless engines. However, Chevrolet stands out among GM subsidiaries with its reliable and powerful engines that hold up even after a few rollovers on the odometer.

Although Chevrolet’s diesel engines are hard to beat, its V8s are iconic. The LS engine has gone through three generation changes since 1997 and has proven easy to maintain and trouble-free throughout its life. The 5.7-liter LT1 engine powered Corvettes and Camaros with plenty of power during the 1990s, and the new Gen V engines move Chevrolet higher in JD Power’s reliability rankings every year.

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3. Lexus

According to the 2023 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study, Lexus topped the rankings and the RX model was named the most reliable vehicle on the market (tied with Toyota’s C-HR). For 2024, the luxury brand has dominated its segment and the entire sector for the second year in a row.

Reliability has quickly become Lexus’ hallmark, which is not the case for most other luxury brands on the market. According to RepairPal, Lexus owners typically spend around $551 per year on upkeep and maintenance. Equipped with engines like the 1UR-FE, 2JZ, and 2GR variants, Lexus (and some Toyota) models are some of the most reliable cars you can buy.


For decades now, Honda has built a reputation for engines that can rack up miles with nothing more than regular maintenance and care. Right off the bat, the typical lifespan of a Honda car is around 200,000 miles. However, many Honda models are known to last longer than their owners’ wildest expectations.

Whether a Honda is equipped with a K-series engine (Honda Civic SI, Element, CR-V), a J35 (Honda Pilot, Acura MDX, Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey) or an H22A (preludes to turn of the century and Accord SiR sedans and Wagons), you are assured of high-end reliability and endurance.


You don’t become the best-selling, most trusted brand in the world without making great engines that consistently perform well. Over the years, Toyota has introduced durable engines that regularly provide their owners with hundreds of thousands of miles of driving pleasure.

CarBuzz singles out a few sturdy Toyota engines that have stood the test of time, including the 3.5-liter 2GR V6, which has powered many of the brand’s most popular models (Tacoma, Camry, Highlander and Avalon; Lexus ES, GS, IS and RX).

Special mention must be given to the powerful 1JZ and 2JZ engines as well as the UZ engine family, which powered many luxury sedans, minibuses, pickup trucks (e.g. the Tundra) and off-road SUVs (e.g. Land Cruiser, Sequoia). , and Lexus LX/GX).

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