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4 Tips for Advertisers to Find Quality Leads and Drive Sales

For businesses that need to build a customer pipeline by responding to or creating demand, social environments like Meta’s apps can offer what traditional lead generation methods like direct mail or search cannot. offer: a personalized connection with people open to discovery and who are not looking for a client. specific product or service.1 In fact, two in three online shoppers agree that social media inspires them to try new brands and products. Businesses can create and meet demand with Meta’s lead generation products.

Meta’s lead generation solutions aim to help advertisers find the customers most likely to engage, convert, and remain brand loyal. More recently, they have evolved to help advertisers generate a high volume of quality leads. In a 2023 study, Meta’s Instant Forms product generated a 20% lower cost per qualified lead (CPQL) than website forms.2 This means that with native lead generation products, many advertisers can focus their attention on their most profitable prospects at a lower cost.

Take Panoramic Doors, a high-end window and sliding door retailer based in Dallas, Texas. They use instant forms that allow customers to share simple information like their name, email address, and budget to generate quality leads that drive sales. The brand recently closed a $24,000 sale in six days with an instant advance.

To get the most out of Meta’s lead generation solutions, consider these four tips.

1. Take advantage of seasonal trends

New Year’s resolutions, spring cleaning, and summer vacations are all prime times when potential clients will be more likely to be interested in your services. Last spring, between the months of April and June, there was a 19% year-over-year growth in Meta Lead ad submissions.3 Take advantage of these peak seasons to find new customers to grow your business.

2. Make it easier with instant forms

Using tools that eliminate friction for your potential leads and don’t require your customer to click away from the site (like auto-filling user information or fast loading on mobile) can prevent lost leads. According to Aly Gomez, a consultant at Capacity Interactive, clients find that leads generated by instant forms are stickier than leads generated from their website. She recommends striving to make the form as short as possible by only asking for the user’s name and email address.

Instant Meta Form Advertising

Meta’s instant forms make it easy for customers to fill them out.


3. Use Meta’s advanced AI to find your campaign’s target audience

For small business advertisers, ad sets that used the Advantage+ Audience with Instant Forms had an 8% lower cost per lead, on average, compared to ad sets that used the Advantage+ Audience Experience. origin.4

4. Improve lead performance and quality with new features

Generating more valuable leads is easier than ever with new features like conditional logic, which can help qualify leads by creating an instant form with multiple questions in a question flow. John Wai Martial Arts sought to improve the quality of its leads while minimizing the cost per lead quality. By leveraging conditional logic, the team streamlined lead submissions by instantly pre-populating prospects’ details from their Facebook profile after clicking on an ad. This enabled rapid follow-up by John Wai’s team and increased the lead-to-customer conversion rate by 62% compared to using instant forms alone.

For lead-generating advertisers, integrate your CRM with the Conversions API, which can allow a business to leverage its CRM data to improve performance. It works by creating a direct connection between a company’s marketing data and Meta’s ad serving systems. A recent analysis of Instant Forms campaigns found that those with a CRM optimized for converting leads and connected to the Conversions API reduced cost per lead quality by 15% and increased those lead quality conversions by 44% on average.5 To support businesses of all sizes with CRM integration, Meta has expanded the list of low-friction Meta Business Partners to include Hubspot and Zoho. And for small businesses that aren’t ready to integrate their CRM, Meta Business Suite (MBS) now includes a free, lightweight CRM system, available to all businesses on Meta, designed to simplify lead management from instant forms or in one click. advertising messages.

Watch the video to hear more tips from advertisers who are generating quality leads at scale with Meta Instant Forms, or learn more here.

This post was created by Meta with Insider Studios

1 “Discovery-Driven Buying Research” by GFK (Meta-commissioned online survey of over 12,000 respondents aged 18-74 in AU, BR, CA, FR, DE, IN, ID, MX, SK, JP, UK, US, Q2 2022. Eligible respondents shop online at least twice per month and have made an online purchase of beauty products, furniture, electronics, and/or clothing in the past 3 months at the time of the study.

2 Analysis of 15 global 3-cell A/B tests run from November 2022 to February 2023 where advertisers self-reported their results and used website forms similar to their meta forms. Confidence level of 86%. Test live form campaigns compared using the conversion lead performance goal against website form campaigns optimized for website conversions.

3 Year-over-year analysis of over 500 million primary ad submissions worldwide across all verticals between April 1, 2022 and June 30, 2022 and between April 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023

4 Analysis based on 9,000 randomly sampled observations ad sets from small business group advertisers using Audience Advantage+ or Original Audience Experience that were optimized for lead and quality lead generation; October – November 2023.

5 Results based on A/B tests on 273 advertisers, with ads running worldwide from January 11-28, 2024 and incentives included. The results were statistically significant with a confidence level of 95%. Performance may vary. Lead to quality lead conversion occurs when a user completes a lower funnel qualifying action identified by the business, which elevates them to “quality lead” status. Eligible actions or events vary by business, based on the individual stages of their sales funnel.


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