20 Secrets to Love From 10 Things I Hate About You

We briefly talked about a 11 things I hate about you sequel, but a tonally synonymous follow-up called 10 things I hate in life debuted in 2012. It featured Evan Rachel Wood And Thomas McDonnell like two soul mates who meet while they are both in the process of attempting suicide – and it never came out.

But director Gil Junger, working with producer Andrew Lazar, took over. “We were open, we wanted to have a young, fresh cast,” Lanz told Vumanity, “but it turns out when we started meeting girls, Evan Rachel Wood — kind of like Julia Stiles — shined so much. the other actors in terms of talent, depth and emotion, we chose her.”

After six tests to match Wood with the right person, “we ended up with someone phenomenal.” Lazar called the chemistry between McDonnell and Wood “electric.” They also had Skylar Gray in Letters to Cleo’s role as a cool live musical presence.

Production was halted, however, in February 2013 when the CEO of Intandem, the British company financing the film, resigned.

Also at this time, Wood was pregnant with her son, born in July; the new CEO of Intandem claimed that production had been delayed due to her pregnancy but would resume in September. Instead, in June 2014, 10 Things Films sued Wood for breach of contract and $30 million, claiming she was paid $300,000 and then “apparently changed her mind about wanting to finish the film during principal photography, ultimately refusing without any legal justification to accomplish it. contractual obligations and instead choosing to withdraw from the project. »

A rep for Wood called this “absurd,” saying Wood was ready to return to work in November 2013, when producers promised they would be ready, but still “couldn’t get their act together.” .


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