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2 Marquis brothers, members of the Live crew, died at 58


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Rapper Brother Marquis dies at 58

Brother Marquis — longtime member of the 2 Live Crew — has died… TMZ has learned.

The rapper died Monday, according to the group’s official social media accounts… which noted that he “went to the upper room.” The 2LC manager confirmed his death to us, but did not have further details on the cause or the details.

Sources with direct knowledge, however, told TMZ that the death appears to be natural and no foul play is suspected.

While Marquis — who was born as Marc Ross — wasn’t a founding member of the iconic rap group, he certainly helped cement them as the heavyweights they became in hip hop’s 80s and 90s…joining DJ Mr. Mixx, Fresh Kid Ice and Luke Skywalker in 1986.

By the time Marquis joined 2LC, they were already making waves – having released “Throw the D” and other scorching songs that put them on the map… and he only reinforced that with full lyrics witty and ironic which were full of double meaning.

He ended up appearing on their album “The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are”… and later featured as a rapper on other of their albums, including “Move Somethin'”, “As Nasty As They Wanna “. Be”, “Banned in the “USA” and “Asty Nasty as They Wanna Be Part II”.

By the early ’90s, most of the Crew had disbanded, but Marquis continued to find more success in the music world on his own… forming the group 2 Nasty, and he also continued to be featured on a ton of records as well… including for MCs like Ice-T and others.

He eventually reunited with some of the two guys from the Live Crew to release more music, and also released some solo stuff.

Marquis was 58 years old.


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News Source : amp.tmz.com

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