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2 accused of murdering North Irish journalist Lyra McKee

Police have charged two men with the murder of Lyra McKee, a journalist shot dead while covering the Londonderry riots in 2019

LONDON – Police have charged two men with the murder of Lyra McKee, a North Irish journalist who was shot while covering the Londonderry riots in 2019.

The Northern Ireland Police Service said the men, aged 21 and 33, were due in court on Friday. Their names have not been released.

McKee, 29, was watching anti-police riots in the town, also known as Derry, when it was hit by gunfire in April 2019. The New IRA, a small paramilitary group that opposes the process Northern Ireland Peacekeeper said its members accidentally shot McKee while shooting at police.

The suspects were also charged with possession of firearms and ammunition, possession of Molotov cocktails, throwing Molotov cocktails, arson and riot.

McKee was an increasingly influential journalist who had written forcefully on growing up gay in Northern Ireland and the struggles of the “baby ceasefire” generation raised after the Good Friday Peace Agreement in Northern Ireland. 1998 which ended three decades of sectarian violence.

Hundreds of people attended McKee’s funeral, including the Prime Ministers of Great Britain and Ireland and political leaders from the Protestant and Catholic communities of Northern Ireland. His death helped spur a successful effort to get warring politicians to revive Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government, which collapsed in 2017.