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14-year-old arrested for allegedly carrying a loaded gun


The boy was arrested Saturday for allegedly carrying a high-capacity firearm to an event at Harambee Park in Dorchester.

Boston police arrested a 14-year-old boy around 7 p.m. Saturday for possession of a loaded, high-capacity firearm.

Officers were stationed at Harambee Park in Dorchester this weekend for an event between New England Avenue and Blue Hill Avenue. According to a press release, officers noticed the boy was holding a black fanny pack under his left arm.

The 14-year-old reportedly evaded police in the crowd until they spotted him sitting on a bench with other individuals.

During their second approach, officers noticed the boy clutching the fanny pack tighter to his body. Boston police requested to search the boy and found Smith and Wesson inside the fanny pack, the release said.

The weapon had one round in the chamber and 12 rounds in the magazine. Officers also said the serial number had been removed.

The 14-year-old faces multiple juvenile charges, including illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and defacement of a firearm serial number.

He was scheduled to be arraigned in Boston Juvenile Court.


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