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14 Best Glossier Products According to Makeup Artists

When Glossier launched in 2014, it revolutionized the beauty landscape and pioneered the minimalist, “your skin but better” look that still reigns supreme a decade later. Additionally, the products are easy to use and relatively affordable. “Glossier is a fabulous brand because it allows consumers to get their hands on amazing products in luxury packaging at reasonable prices,” says makeup artist Natalie Drescher.

The brand focuses on effective, skin-friendly formulas, and even the makeup contains nourishing ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, so your skin can look and feel its best. We tapped Drescher and two other makeup artists to identify the best Glossier products. Check out their expert picks below.

Boy Eyebrow

More shiny

What we like: It’s super easy to use.

What we don’t like: The wand could be a little longer.

Every artist we spoke to gushed about this brow pomade. “The tinted version is the most amazing product, and I have them in my kit for all genders,” says Drescher. Celebrity makeup artist Aliana Lopez adds: “Having thinning brows, I love products that add volume and hold. With boy brows, I can wear a natural, groomed brow look every day.

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes loves using the gray shade for an ash blonde brow. “I’m very intentional about choosing shades,” says Hughes. “Their gray is a stunning alternative to ash blonde as well as gray because it’s not a warm color at all; some blonde products may contain lukewarm or even ginger.”

Dotcom Brighter Balm

More shiny

What we like: It provides a perfect pop of color.

What we don’t like: The ridged cap gets dirty easily.

This super hydrating balm comes in a mix of shades and flavors. Hughes loves the Wild Fig option. “It’s this beautiful rosy red that’s not too pigmented or too pale, and it tastes delicious,” she says. Lopez favors the Berry shade. “There’s nothing sexier than a wine-stained shade on your lips, and the flavor is so delicious,” says Lopez. “I love putting it over a neutral liner for just a hint of color and a great pump of hydration.” Rose is Drescher’s reference. “I love the shade of the rose balm; it’s a barely-there pink that refreshes chapped lips,” says Drescher. There are nine options: one unscented and untinted, two scented and untinted, and six tinted and scented.

Brighter Milky Cleansing Jelly


What we like: This will not strip your skin.

What we don’t like: It’s not strong enough to remove heavy makeup.

Gentle but effective, this pH-balancing cleanser will wash away the day’s grime down the drain. “Balancing your skin’s pH is extremely important since our face is exposed to the elements daily,” says Drescher. “I find it can melt my makeup well on lighter makeup days, but on full glam days I definitely have to remove my makeup with something else first.”

Brighter Stretch Concealer Balm

More shiny

What we like: The formula is light and buildable.

What we don’t like: You have to dip your fingers inside the pot, which may not be as hygienic as other containers.

Hughes says the best product for a brighter complexion is, hands down, the Stretch Balm Concealer. “I have it in my own makeup bag and I have all the shades in my bag,” she says. He shoots like a dream and is doing so well. I really don’t have any downsides. I used it on someone with hyperhidrosis and it looked amazing. It looks beautiful on everyone, on all skin tones and textures.

cloud painting

More shiny

What we like: The formula is creamy and pigmented.

What we don’t like: It’s easy to accidentally squeeze out too much because it’s packaged in a tube.

“It’s the best, most subtle gel-cream blush on the market,” says Drescher. “It’s easy to apply with just your fingers and easily elevates an everyday look.” Cream blushes, in general, can be intimidating, but this ultra-sheer formula allows them to be less intimidating. Her favorite shade is Puff, a beautiful soft, fresh pink. It’s also available in nine other blush colors and five bronzers.

Brighter Cleaner Concentrate

More shiny

What we like: Ideal for textured skin and clogged pores.

What we don’t like: It’s a bit intense for daily use.

Blending exfoliating grape extract and lactic acid with amino acid surfactants, this purifying cleanser leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. “Personally, I love that clean-pore feeling, and this cleanser delivers that while leaving your skin feeling super lush, hydrated,” says Lopez, who adds that it’s great for smoothing her textured skin.

Super Rebound Plus Shine Serum

More shiny

What we like: It’s light and efficient.

What we don’t like: Its sole purpose is hydrating and moisturizing, which isn’t ideal if you prefer a multitasking formula.

“Super bounce is the best,” says Hughes. “It’s simple and gives you gorgeous, plump skin thanks to its primarily hyaluronic acid base. It’s just a no-fuss product. In addition to HA, the serum contains smoothing provitamin B5 and hydrating glycerin.

Pencil n°1 brighter

More shiny

What we like: It glides beautifully.

What we don’t like: It dries quickly so you have to work quickly.

“When you want a product to give you options, the #1 pencil is what you need,” says Drescher. “It glides on so smoothly that it’s easy to create smudged eyeliner or a sharp line.” However, Drescher and Hughes note that it dries very quickly. “They are easy to use, but I would recommend mixing them quickly because they will set and stay a long time,” says Hughes. It comes in 10 shades, ranging from traditional black and brown to bold greens and lavender.

    After Balm

More shiny

What we like: It’s extremely hydrating.

What we don’t like: You have to dip your fingers inside the pot, which may not be as hygienic as other containers.

After Baume is the barrier cream of our dreams. “It’s a rich, emollient ointment,” says Hughes. “You can use it under any base makeup, and I love how malleable it is.” Even though it’s quite rich, Lopez says it works wonders on her oily skin. “I wear it all year round, regardless of the weather. I just use small amounts in the warmer months and larger amounts in the colder months.”

Lidstar brighter

More shiny

What we like: The formula makes it much easier to apply with your fingers.

What we don’t like: It’s super glittery, which may be too much if you prefer a subtle shimmer.

“When you want eyeshadow without the work, Lidstar will be your best friend,” says Lopez. Drescher adds: “I love applying them to the center of the eyes for a little shimmer. » The formula is lightweight and sheer, providing a silky veil of coverage that applies like a cream and dries down to last all day. It comes in eight gorgeous shades, including lilac, smoky green, and baby pink.

Brighter monochrome

More shiny

What we like: You can use it for a simple, monochrome look.

What we don’t like: It’s meant to give a pop of color, so if you prefer bold looks, this isn’t for you.

The monochrome palettes each have a monochrome set in three finishes: matte, satin and metallic. Hughes loves Prairie, an olive green ensemble, “for its rich, tonal undertones.” Lopez, meanwhile, always opts for Jute, a soft taupe trio. Jute features a “cool ’90s matte eyeshadow paired with a natural, eye-enhancing satin and metallic finish that delivers a sped-up, playful look without a lot of effort,” says Drescher.

Glossier G Suit Soft Touch Lip Cream

More shiny

What we like: It’s easy to apply and super comfortable to wear.

What we don’t like: It is not transfer proof.

“I always look for the pigment payoff of matte lipsticks,” says Lopez, and G Suit delivers, she emphasizes. “It’s so comfortable to wear for several hours, and I love mixing and matching colors for a custom lip color.” It has a buttery demi-matte finish and is available in nine rich shades of berry, orange, pink and brown.

Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

More shiny

What we like: It hydrates and penetrates quickly into the skin.

What we don’t like: It’s scented, which isn’t ideal if you prefer fragrance-free formulas.

Filled with hydrating glycerin and avocado oil, plus light-reflecting pearls, this body lotion is what Drescher calls a skincare-grade body lotion, “which is revolutionary, especially at this price,” she said. Lopez adds that “it gives the perfect amount of radiant pink glow to the skin, without any greasy residue, and the orange-neroli scent is intoxicating!” »

Glossier Body Hero Exfoliating Bar

More shiny

What we like: It transforms cleaning into a moment of relaxing treatment.

What we don’t like: For sensitive skin, exfoliating beads may feel too rough.

This bar blends finely ground bamboo powder with sunflower seed oil and aloe leaf juice to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate in one go. “I don’t have perfect skin, so the gentle exfoliation I get from this bar keeps any texture away,” says Lopez. Plus, “I’m a fan of the blend of orange blossom and neroli scents in Body Hero products.”


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