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13 Samsung Galaxy S24 Settings You Need to Change Immediately

With the latest improvements to the Snapdragon processor, display and camera, refined design, top-notch software support and useful AI tools in built-in apps, there’s a lot to like about the trio Samsung flagship for 2024. While the South Korean giant has nailed the Galaxy S24 series hardware, the default One UI 6.1 settings may irritate some.

Although the Galaxy S24 duo and Galaxy 24 Ultra are among the best Samsung phones, the company’s out-of-the-box experience isn’t the best. Here are the main Galaxy S24 settings you need to change to get the most out of your phone. Let’s make some necessary adjustments.

1 Enable QHD resolution

The Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t the only one to offer QHD resolution. The Galaxy S24 Plus also received an improved resolution to QHD. However, Samsung has limited the display resolution to FHD by default. Follow the steps below to enable QHD resolution and enjoy sharper text and visuals.

  1. Open Settings and scroll to Display.
  2. Select Screen resolution.
  3. Press the radio button below QHD and press Apply.

2 Use navigation gestures

We are in 2024 and Samsung is still reluctant on the navigation buttons. You can enable gesture navigation by following the steps below.

  1. Go to Display in Samsung settings.
  2. Select Navigation bar.
  3. Press the radio button below Slidegestures.

3 Disable Samsung Wallet on the home screen

Samsung Wallet is an interesting alternative to Google Wallet. It’s even better in emerging markets like India, where the company has worked with the government to integrate essential documents into the app. However, it is integrated into the home screen and triggers accidental launches. Let’s turn it off.

  1. Open Samsung Wallet and tap the Settings equipment at the top.
  2. Faucet Quick access and select Swipe up gesture.
  3. Turn it off Homepage to fall over.



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With One UI 6.1 on the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung added support for lock screen widgets below the clock icon. The selection of apps is slim. Still, they’re worth a try if you’re interested in Samsung’s ecosystem of apps and services.

  1. Go to the lock screen and long press it.
  2. Authenticate yourself.
  3. Faucet Widgets under the clock icon.
  4. Check the list of applications. Develop an app and add widgets.

6 Customize the side button

You can customize the side button and access your favorite app on the go. By default, it is configured to launch Bixby and Camera.

  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Advanced Features.
  2. Select Side button.
  3. Set it to open the power menu. You can launch Samsung Wallet or any other third-party app by double-tapping.

7 Enable advanced intelligence

Advanced intelligence is an important part of your Galaxy S24 experience. First, log in with your Samsung account. Otherwise, these AI features won’t work. You can enable or disable AI add-ons from Settings.

  1. Move towards Advanced Features in Samsung settings.
  2. Select Advanced intelligence.
  3. Open each menu to activate or deactivate the function.



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9 Enable Dolby Atmos and improve the audio quality of your Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 series supports Dolby Atmos. However, it is disabled by default.

  1. Open Settings and select Sounds and vibrations.
  2. Faucet Sound quality and effects.
  3. Turn it on Dolby Atmos to fall over. You can change the equalizer from the same menu.

ten Enable the color palette to personalize your home screen

One UI supports Android 12’s Material You to apply a color palette to quick settings and app icons. Here’s how to activate it.

  1. Long press on the home screen and open Wallpaper and style.
  2. Faucet Color pallet and turn it on.
  3. Choose a palette based on your wallpaper and apply it to app icons.
  4. Faucet Apply.

11 Change your Galaxy S24’s camera resolution to get crystal clear videos

Although the Galaxy S24 supports 8K recording, the default resolution of the video camera is set to FHD at 30fps. Change it to UHD.

  1. Launch Camera and slide to Video.
  2. Faucet video resolution at the top and select UHD at 60fps.

12 Change the default S24 notification style

Samsung’s default notification style only shows a brief pop-up window. You can replace it with Android’s usual detailed pop-up from Settings.

  1. Launch Settings and open Notifications.
  2. Select Pop-up notification style.
  3. Press the radio button below Detailed.

13 Enable notification categories while you’re at it

Samsung has disabled notification categories on One UI 6.1. Now you need to enable the option to change app notifications.

  1. Go to Notifications in Samsung settings.
  2. Faucet Advanced settings.
  3. Turn it on Manage notification categories for each app to fall over.

14 Edit and rearrange quick settings tiles

You can rearrange the Quick Settings tiles according to your preferences.

  1. Swipe down from the Home screen to open the notification center. Swipe down again to expand the quick toggles.
  2. Faucet to modify at the top.
  3. Select To modify to customize the top or full menu.
  4. Drag and drop the toggles, and you’re ready to go.

15 Enable automatic restart to keep your Galaxy S24 running in optimal conditions

Occasionally restarting your Samsung phone helps keep it running at its best. You can configure automatic restart at a specific time of the week.

  1. Open Settings and scroll to Device maintenance.
  2. Faucet Automatic optimization.
  3. Select Automatic restart.
  4. Turn it on Restart on time toggle and choose a relevant time and day when you are not using the phone.

16 Slow down battery degradation by adjusting battery protection

You can select maximum or adaptive battery protection to slow down battery degradation.

  1. Open Settings and scroll down to Device maintenance.
  2. Faucet Battery.
  3. Select Battery protection.
  4. Faucet Maximum to limit the battery charge to only 80%. Adaptive achieves the perfect balance between Basic and Maximum. It learns your usage pattern and automatically switches between the two modes.

17 Galaxy S24 Ultra owners can customize the S Pen

If you own a Galaxy S24 Ultra, follow the steps below to customize the Air Command menu.

  1. Go to Advanced Features in Samsung settings.
  2. Select S Pen.
  3. Faucet Air Command.
  4. Change the menu style and customize the shortcuts to your preferences.

Unlock the true potential of your Galaxy S24

Samsung relies on AI tools to differentiate the Galaxy S24 from its competitors. Although Galaxy AI is hit or miss, it’s worth a try. Check out our Galaxy S24 tips and tricks guide to learn more about them.

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