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11 Tips for Setting Up Your New Mac

If you’ve just gotten a brand new Mac, whether it’s a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac, there are various universal settings and features you should consider from the start . If you’re feeling a little confused by macOS – if you’ve only used Windows, for example – some of these can also help you adjust to the new operating system. A few tweaks here and there can also make a big difference in how you use your Mac, making your computing time seem smoother and more productive.

Here we present 11 tips for setting up your new Mac, none of which will cost you a cent but all of which could prove their weight in gold. By following them, you will ensure that you are up to date and able to use your data from the past. You will also find that navigation is easier and information is much more easily accessible at your fingertips.

11 Tips for Setting Up Your New Mac

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