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1-2-3 and counting: Las Vegas weddings could hit record on New Year’s Eve thanks to date model

LAS VEGAS (AP) — For better or worse, a wave of couples saying “I do” in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve could set a record for the city’s busiest wedding day.

That’s because 12/31/23 is known throughout the massive Las Vegas wedding industry as a “specialty date”, thanks to the repetitive 1-2-3 1-2-3 pattern, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

The icing on the cake? This special date falls on a public holiday famous for its vibrant celebrations.

“It’s a double whammy,” said Melody Willis-Williams, president of Vegas Weddings, which operates several venues. “Whenever you get these special dates, they are always extremely popular. But couple that with New Year’s Eve and it’s quite a spectacle.

The number to beat on New Year’s Eve is 4,492 — the single-day record for Las Vegas weddings set on July 7, 2007. The second most popular specialty wedding date on record with the county marriage bureau is on November 11, 2011. when 3,125 couples got married.

Typically, New Year’s Eve has attracted between 450 and 550 couples to get married in Las Vegas since 2018, the Review-Journal reported.

But not this year for Vegas Weddings. The company is sold out at midnight at its multiple locations, including its brown brick chapel in downtown Las Vegas with a white bell tower and red awning.

Willis-Williams said her company alone hopes to marry more than 120 couples on New Year’s Eve. Five of those couples will get married as the clock counts down to midnight.

Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya said married couples on a special date in Las Vegas described them as “magic dates” that were easy to remember.

“I think the celebration that has a group dynamic is really attractive,” Goya said. “When everyone is lining up and they’re all getting married and excited about being in love, it only enhances their own experience.”

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